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Freelance artist

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Discord: Mya#0506


Female • Pansexual • Adult • Single

Birthday: December 6th

Heyo, I'm just your average young adult trying to get by in life by doing commissions uwu

My friends, art, music, animation, horror movies, rain, anime, acnh & aesthetics

✘ Liars, cheaters, homophobes, racists, xenophobes, traveling, books, & sleeping


Read my terms of service before you commission me. By commissioning me you are confirming you've read, understand, and agree to follow the rules set into place.
My commission queue is where I will keep track of all commissions I need to do!

I accept paypal only


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Contact me through any of the available contact info on the homepage to discuss commissions!


Unshaded: $5 USD

Shaded: Unavailable


Unshaded: $6

Shaded: Unavailable


Unshaded: $11

Shaded: Unavailable



Unshaded: $15

Shaded: Unavailable


$20 USD

Comes with 2 same posed fullbodies, any text (name, gender, etc.), any accessories you wish to have added, and a color palette.

> You may ask to have 1 of the fullbodies drawn with a different pose for an additional $4 <


Here will be a list of all YCHs I have
You can feel free to check out any of them!
Contact me if you're interested or have any questions!
Click any of the links below to visit the site!
> All YCHs are in paypal (USD) only

> Bust/headshot canine YCH (OPEN)

By commissioning me, you confirm that you have read and agree with the rules set into place, and you are aware that these may change at any point in time deemed necessary.


Payment is to be sent after you receive the sketch and are satisfied.This is to prevent me from wasting my time to finish a commission someone never intended to pay for. So I will take payment after the sketch, NOT after the commission is done.
Payment is expected within 24 hours> Do not send payment until I tell you to <
Failure to pay will result in your commission being cancelled and you may risk being blocked

Commissioners are allowed to use the art for personal use onlyYou may use it as a profile image, print it, etc. Do not repost it anywhere unless you ask and I give you explicit permission to. Do not try to make money/profit off the art, it is for your use only.

Commissioners may order a maximum of 2 piecesThis is to prevent myself from taking too much I can handle. The 2 pieces can be anything, a headshot, bust, etc.

Communication between the artist and commissioner is requiredCommissioner must clearly explain what they want and mention payment method and amount. If the commissioner has questions they may ask!

Do not edit the art in any way unless given permission toI will never remove my watermark or allow you to remove it. It stays. Ask me if you can edit something and I will give you a response

Do not rush me or continuously bother me about the progress of your commissionIt stresses me out, puts pressure on me that makes me feel like I have to do it quickly, and it's just rude. Art takes time, please be patient. If I have any issues or can't complete your order, I will let you know and refund you in full
These terms may be changed/updated at any point in time deemed necessary.....
Last updated: August 6th, 2020


Ownership is effective only after the payment transaction has been completed.Until I've received payment, the design does not belong to you.

Crediting me for the design is requiredThis is NOT optional. No matter where you post, I must be credited fully for the design. (Credit my TH account)

Edits to my designs are okay to a pointSmall edits such as gender, minor markings/appearance changes is okay. Making major changes is not okay.

Do not draw/edit my art itself, unless my permission was given (to you)If I did not give you explicit permission, do not make edits/tweaks to my art; no matter how minor the change is, please just ask!

These terms may be changed/updated at any point in time deemed necessary.....
Last updated: August 6th, 2020


If you have questions, feel free to contact me! This list will be completed from top to bottom

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